Upcoming Auditions

Mean Girls

Performances: March 7 - 9, 2024

Auditions: December 13 - 14, 2023

Prepare 3 parts:

Prepare one of the monologues found above. Do your best to memorize, and make sure you use as much emotion and story-telling as you can. Create a character, and remember these characters tend to be over the top!


You should prepare a song that is from a musical, not a pop song. You should know it well, and it should show off your voice. You may want to choose something that is similar to Mean Girls, but it DOES NOT have to be from Mean Girls. You can sing all of it, or just part, but be prepared to sing at least 45-60 seconds. You can sing with the piano if you let Mr. Urban know ahead of time and we find sheet music, or to a backing track you find online (like on YouTube), or you can sing a cappella (without any instruments, just you).


There is nothing you should do to prepare for the dance audition except come ready to learn and wearing clothing/shoes you are able to move in; just know that this takes place at another time from the audition slot you sign up for. Everyone will be at the same dance audition.